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Prue Macsween on being a stepmum

November 18, 2016

What if you never wanted to be a parent?

You’re swanning around living life and all of a sudden you meet ‘the one’ and he has three kids in tow.

Prue Macsween tells us how her life changed when she met Chris.

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My chat With Amanda Keller

November 6, 2016

I’ve always wanted to have a proper gasbag with the fantabulous Amanda Keller.

As far as well-known personalities go, I think she’d have to be one of the most open and honest around. So when the opportunity arose to ask her about mum ‘stuff’ I decided to film it to show that we’re all pretty much built from the same stock when it comes to parenting.

And yes…it was my first time on camera so I was a bit of a nervous Nellie. In fact if my children weren’t going to watch it, I probably would have necked ALL of the Champagne – stylish lass that I am :o)

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