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A friend tagged me in a video singing Karaoke to…

A friend tagged me in a video singing Karaoke to Kenny Rogers at a birthday party last weekend. I know now (in the cold hard light of sober day) that I was completely and utterly out of tune, but last Saturday night I was a freaking rock/country Goddess.

A male friend of mine quickly alerted me and told to untag myself as I sounded like an alley cat on heat at three in the morning. So I did. I took my name off the tag because I didn’t want anyone to think I was a crap drunk ass singer

So…Just in case you don’t know, I’m a crap drunk ass singer who really should never get near a microphone. BUT, it was my mate Jimmy’s birthday party and we’ve sung that song for as long as I can remember. So, if you’re a friend of mine (or not!) you’ll know that I was having an absolute ball, and you should be jealous that you weren’t there singing as well.

I’m kinda embarrassed that I untagged myself – I’m freaking 35 (and a bit) and far too old to really care what people think. So go ahead Mr and Mrs Judgie McJudgie, tell me I’m a crap singer…I don’t care and neither should you

By the way, I’m the one on the far right owning the crap out of The Gambler…

5 thoughts on “A friend tagged me in a video singing Karaoke to…

  1. Love it! Well done fi, Kinda wish it was a longer video though!

  2. We love drunk arse karaoke singing Fiona 👍🏻 you look like you were letting out your inner rockstar 😂 love it !!

  3. I bloody love it! You ARE a friggin rock star. Stage presence, confidence, fun. Total package!

  4. Here’s me & one of my bestest besties, Andrea Maher, singing like we mean it – eyes closed – at my 40th. Can’t recall what song (possibly Islands in the Stream??). It’s just not a party without karaoke 😜🍾

  5. I actually thought you sounded quite good. Go figure x

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