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The Social Media Mums

After an extensive survey of other mothers (read 1 at gymnastics, 1 at school, 2 phone calls and myself) I’ve discovered a majority of us do the “perfect mother get rid of crap in background” photos on social media.

The gymnastics mum doesn’t go to too much effort; she simply moves her kids around to the cleanest area of the house for a photo – “I don’t want anyone thinking my house isn’t clean!” Which really works for her as I thought she was a complete nerd. Turns out she’s actually a normal mother of four girls (kill me now) with the same control freak issues as the rest of us.

School mum made me laugh, she chuckled and said “oh God, I don’t take photos inside my house, I just move the little buggers outside for photos” which is cool as it makes her look like the fun outdoorsy mum.

The two phone calls were interesting as well. One mother just takes photos of wherever her kids are at the time. Of course it does help that her youngest is normally doing something absurdly crazy in the photo to distract you from anything in the background. This is the mum friend who is a rainbow coloured magical unicorn and everything is always neat anyway.

My final mum responder (see, I’m sounding official) said she just doesn’t take photos of her kids. “I can’t be bothered” and before you judge her for being an a-hole, she has four kids and loves them to death. I think non-photo taking mum has got it going on…There’s no evidence anywhere that she’s not Martha Stewart and her kids always look crazy neat.

I’m more into angles myself…if the kids are at the dining/craft/drawing table, I just take the photo towards the side that has the least amount of crap in it. On some days, this just means lying on the ground and taking it from that angle as there’s just no other option. On other days I just take a photo of the ocean…

Today I took a ‘real morning’ photo and a ‘BS photo’ ten minutes later. The first one is the bomb shell of my kids getting ready that I ordinarily wouldn’t post. The second one is one I’d consider posting – kids look neat (molly has a hat on to hide that her hair isn’t done) and there’s no junk in the background as I’ve quickly thrown in the corner of the room.

Which one would you rather see?

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  1. The top one. Glad I’m not the only one. My house currently looks like a clothes, and a little bits of spit-out, half-chewed food, bomb has gone off with a side of, I haven’t washed any dishes for a month. 😀🙌✨

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