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Nailing this whole ‘Mum’ thing

Totally nailing this whole mum thing.

My 7 year old birthday girl asked me to make pancakes this morning as a nice way to start her day.

Note that she DIDN’T actually ask.

“Mum, can you please make me some pancakes that not only look and taste good, but are springy to touch and don’t look like baked Kettle Chips?”

She only said ‘pancakes’.

I think I answered the brief.

6 thoughts on “Nailing this whole ‘Mum’ thing

  1. Wow..were you drunk while making these? 😉

  2. Love it! What’s jam, sugar and maple syrup for anyway?

  3. They look like my bruise lmao!!!!!

  4. Sally Mann Tracy Rose LippiattAinslie McKeone

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