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The V Spa/Vagina Fogging/Ratus/Vag Misting/Vag Fogging Experience

So I literally ticked a box for the box today.

I had a VSpa – which is short for Vagina Spa.


There’s other names like vaginal fogging, vag misting, vag steaming, hot boxing (ok, so I made that one up) but the correct word for it is Ratus.

My friend Chris and I walked in nervous and giggling like a pair of hapless virgins on their wedding night.
I perched on the hot box and let the steam/fog/smoke from the hot coals do its work.

All I can say is that I’m pretty sure my vagina now smells like an offering to the Gods combined with a herbal tea.
If you ever get to Bali I’d strongly suggest getting a VSpa.

I mean seriously, we all get massages, facials, waxing, laser, pedicures, manicures and we even spend money getting our couches and ovens steam cleaned…so how about a little love for your vag???
Get it done.

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