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Family reunions and love

We went to a reunion over the Easter weekend for Adam’s side of the Family.

“Oooooh” you say, 200 members of your husband’s family and we didn’t hear your name in any police reports on the news? I’m happy to report that ‘The’ Husband’s extended family are a fantastical bunch of diverse characters who all get together every few years to celebrate all that is family.

And to be honest, all that is family is quite simply ‘love’

I know you may have done a little vomit in your mouth when you read that, but honestly – love, was actually all around (and yes, I pilfered that from Love Actually as they’re making a fifteen minute sequel and i’m excited) the entire weekend.

There were different types of love witnessed, but the one that stood out the most was the love felt for his Grandparents. We call them the GG’s as they are our children’s Great Grandparents. At the family church service, this couple – wonderfully named Jack and Marge – renewed their wedding vows in front of their entire family.

Jack and Marge had four kids, who in turn had 11 kids, who in turn have…ummmm….lots (as we’re all good breeders apparently) and a majority were there to witness this gorgeous event. Uncle John and cousins Lilly and Taylor sang Hallelujah – just to ensure a future sponsorship by Kleenex tissues, our daughter Memphis and her cousin Summer walked the aisle to give Jack and Marge flowers and that was it…I was completely and utterly done. I was so done, i looked like a stoned panda bear with massive mascara issues mourning the loss of food.

70 YEARS of marriage and they’re still going strong. I was overwhelmed with emotions witnessing this momentous event; I was happy that our family had such an enduring relationship to look up to, I was proud that our kids got to witness their Great Grandparents renew their wedding vows, i was sad that this was perhaps one of the last great memories we would have of this beautiful couple and lastly I was tearful because i’m just a crazy hormonal woman since having kids.

All I needed was for someone to break out the Love is All Around song from Love Actually and I would have been on the floor in the foetal position.

Apparently enduring love in a marriage is bloody hard work but it’s worth it in the end. I can’t help but think that if more people could witness an event like this, perhaps more would fight to remain together.

So here’s to you Jack and Marge. xxx

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