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Are you a school stunt mum?

Are you a school ‘stunt’ mum?

Evel Knievel Jr eat your heart out.

I thought I was a pretty ok/average/kinda goodish stunt school mum.

I mean aside from the whole:

– late school drop offs
– late school pick ups
– my poor braiding skills
– failure to return school notes
– taking holidays during school time
– P&C avoidance tactics
– Absence from school fetes

At least that’s what I thought until today.

I just found out that one of my school mum friends bought 8 school staff members (teachers and the front office ladies) Easter egg tea towels.

For reals. No jokes. It’s not even the start of a joke.

WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IS THAT ABOUT? (Pardon me if you’re a Catholic School teacher from my kids’ school).

I understand the whole “It’s Christmas, you’ve had my kids annoy the crap out of you for a year and this is me apologising” gift, but EASTER as well?


I didn’t even realise that was a thing. Am I the only loser mum who doesn’t buy gifts for teachers at Easter?

I’m fairly sure I’m not alone, but I kinda feel like my girlfriend now belongs in the Gifted and Talented Stunt Mum category – a category I will surely never fit into. Damn it. I need to work on becoming one of these Stunt Mums.

Maybe I need to search for someone who looks like me, cares more than me so she can become my Stunt Mum double.

Any takers? I’m serious.

All I can say is that I’m lucky our school doesn’t do Easter hat parades, cause no doubt I’d be pretty crap at that too.

NB: Please note that Stunt Mums is not intended as rhyming slang… get your head out of your undies 😘😘

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