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BOOBS: Before & After Kids

Pic 1: your boobs before kids
Pic 2: your boobs after having kids 😂😂😂



A few years ago I stood naked in front of the mirror forlornly holding my boobs.

You know when after you have kids and you just stand there lifting them up and letting them drop to see how far they’ve fallen?


I turned to the husband and said

“Remember when my boobs were all perky and awesome?”

He responded with

“They weren’t that perky”

Whiplash turn from me.

“What. The. Actual fuck did you just say to me?”

Haaa the poor dopey bastard didn’t want to upset me by agreeing so thought he was being “nice”

Should have seen how nice he felt later when these droopy fun bags kept right away from him as punishment 🖕😂


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