The Rock Star Dad Apron




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Get it on.

Rock Star Dad Apron for the Rock Star Dad in your life

Rock Star Dad thinks Rock Star Mum can be a psycho at times, but he still loves her and wants to shag all the time

Rock Star Dad loves his beer and sometimes thinks he can drink like he’s still in his 20’s

Rock Star Dad loves his kids and adores spending time with them

Rock Star Dad loves sport and sometimes forgets he’s not an actual commentator

Rock Star Dad helps his wife around the house, as he REALLY loves having his testicles attached to his body

Rock Star Dad likes to add an “O” or a “Y” to his friend’s names like “Jacko” or “Smithy” If he’s feeling really creative they can just be rhyming names like “Killer” instead of “Miller”

Rock Star Dad is cool as fuck as he’s always given less fucks than even Rock Star Mum

Rock Star Dad doesn’t care about keeping up with the Jones’s…Rock Star Dad thinks they’re all a bunch of douche-canoes anyway 🖕

Rock Star Dad hates shopping but can spend hours in BCF

Rock Star Dad chooses his friends wisely and doesn’t like spending time with turd-burgers

Rock Star Dad works hard and is awesome.

Be like Rock Star Dad and wear the apron

Or not.

Because Rock Star Dad doesn’t really care about anything other than his family anyway

Fi xx



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